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"Foster:Thanks for giving my husband and I so much meaningful information. We look forward to enjoying our time on the water with our children and we left the class full of information and knowledge of boating. After passing the test and receiving the fishing pole, I asked my husband if I should wear the CAPTAINíS hat. Letís just say he is being reminded frequently. I AM ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!!! GREAT CLASS. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO TAKE IT.

Have a great boating season. See you on the water.

"Foster: Hi! Just took Foster's boat safety class today and I felt that I learned so much! Loved it!! We're first time boat owners so we don't know too much about boating and I walked away from the class with alot more confidence than when I walked in!! He made it very interesting and captured my attention throughout the entire class!! Thank you!! "

"Foster: I recently attended your class on boat safety and found it to be very informative. I am new to being around boats and PWC's, and your course made me well aware of the many safety precautions that are needed to be taken. My sons and my husband will be taking your course in the future,and I will feel very comfortable knowing my family will be taught about safety on the water in a class that is so thorough. I will recommend this class to others. Thank you for the interesting way it was presented, and also for being a part of making our waters safer, so they can be enjoyed by all !"

"Foster: I really enjoyed your class given at the MT. Arlington Firehouse in December. You were able to keep the class going and the 8 hours flew by. You present the information in a manner that can be easily understood by novice or experienced boat operators and include personal experiences and stories to make the points hit home. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to get their boater safety certificate. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!! "

"Foster: Thank you very much for the private group class this weekend. We had a diverse group of current and future boaters with various amounts of experience. Those of us that are new to boating came away with A LOT of useful information and those that have years of boating experience were extremely happy that they got a much needed refresher. All together your focus on safety and the laws, rules, and regulations of boating gave our whole group all the important information we were looking for. We learned a lot this weekend and your sense of humor added to the fun all day long. Thanks again!"
"Foster: In response to my recently completed boater safety course. I feel the instructor was very engaging and held the attention of the entire class, including 12 year olds. I have been a boater for over 50 years and didn't think there was any more to learn. However, I did learn more thanks to Mr. Voorhees. Great instructor, great class. "

"Mr Voorhees, thanks for the class.  I've been boating on the Delaware River for 16+ years now and I figured it would be worth it to take a class as opposed to taking the opt-out class.  I was right.  The class goes over lots of situations I don't normally run into on the river.  Thanks again."

"Just wanted to drop a line and let you know we really enjoyed the class and have been reviewing things whilst teaching me(S.B.) to drive the boat and while towing it home. You were very informed and kept to the course of the class. Thank you again!"
T.B.& S.B.

"Foster: Just finished your course last night.  Thanks so much for a great boating safety class.  It was educational, informative, and efficient - it was great to take this course over two days instead of 8 weeks!  Your course is definitely the way to go!."

Foster: My wife and I took your class last week at Xtreme Machines and as new boaters we found the class extremely helpful.We both agreed that were happy that we were required to take the course because we might have skipped it if was not mandatory. It was very informative and you kept us laughing while learning which is rare. 
P.S. We got boarded by the Coast Guard in the first five minutes of our first family ride(I'm not kidding). We had all the required equipment and the kids had type III PFD's thanks to the course. We got a gold approval that will last us for the rest of the year. One of the guys joked that everything was still in the plastic.

Foster: My wife and I just completed your course last night and I must thank you for presenting a great course. I am new to boating and wanted more information on the "rules of the road" prior to purchasing a boat. You presented important material and information that I needed and made it enjoyable at the same time. We were referred to you by a relative and we will also do the same for all our friends, neighbors and relatives. The time flew bye. We are going away more assured of ourselves regarding the safe operation of boating in NJ. Thanks Again!
L.B. & R.B.

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